In Palma since 1967 …



JAYTON is a familiar company founded five decades ago. After fifty years and under very different market conditions, we are one of the few multi-brand stores that have survived the expansion of the big franchises.

JAYTON is a reference for the local public. Our formula is very simple, we offer our garments in a unique environment and offer our know-how those who visit us…

We are specialised  in men’s premium fashion brands and sell them in exclusivity in the majority of cases.

Positioned in the center of Palma, we cater for the local demanding customer, the faithful long-term client, as well as the new customers and the high class tourists visiting us for the first time.

Our clients come typically from the entrepreneurial sector and come from top management positions. They are interested in a wide range of fields including, the fashion industry, and feel that being well-dressed is part of their job. Since its foundation JAYTON is specialized in high quality tailoring for men, and we feel qualified to fulfil the needs of the most demanding customers.

Following the trend, in recent years we have introduced brands that cater for the "casual elegant" and "sport elegant" styles  thinking in the moments of leisure and free time of our customers.




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