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Brioni is a fashionable luxury Italian company founded in 1945 in Rome by Nazarene Fonticoli. Indisputably recognised at the time among aristocrats and wealthy Europeans, still the suits they create are chosen by the most prestigious and powerful men of today.



Canali is a family company founded in 1934 by Giacomo and Giovanni Canali. In the 1950s, Canali passed on to the second generation of the family, and in the 1970s it was the first factory in Italy to introduce  automatic machine cutting. Canali opened its first Flagship Store in Milan.



Since its origins in 1971 Alessandro Cantarelli has become one of the most respected names in Italian tailoring. His brand combines the handcrafted precision with an informal style.



Dorino Della Valle started as shoemaker at the end of 1920, and his son Diego expanded the workshop and transformed it into a factory in the 1970s. In the 1980s Diego introduced innovative strategies of marketing while continuing with the handmade process. The next decade saw the acquisition of the brand by Roger Vivier.



Jacob Cohën was founded in 1985 by Tato Bard Elle in Veneto. Manufacturer of luxury jeans with exclusive designs, his jeans are made of cotton of the highest quality, resulting in extremely comfortable and elegant denim trousers. They are made in the traditional way, taking into account up until the last detail, standing out as one of the premium jeans brand in the market.



The brand Tramarossa was created in 1967 by Urbano Chemello. In 2003, his sons Roberto, Paolo and Luigi took over and created the brand Sartoria Tramarossa. Tramarossa has become a clear example of excellence, where the brand stands for a culture whose aim is to create premium quality jeans.



Founded in Milan in 1980 by Luigida Truzzi, and acquired in 1997 by Gruppo Saitt, TRUZZI shirts are famous all over the world and known in Milan by those who only choose the best.



To create and to produce a man's shirt by hand, to transform precious fabrics into shirts with the same long lasting passion, to take extreme care in the details, all this is MAZZARELLI. A family company of textile Italian crafts founded in 1960.



From its beginnings in 1968, ORIAN has demonstrated passion for elegance and attention to details in the collections of shirts and is a symbol of Italian style.



The company was founded in 1972 by Rascal and Franco Lazzeri. Its vision, to fuse Italian style to tradition and handcrafted passion. Luxury leather garments  “Made in Italy”.



Founded at 1952 in Sant'Egidio, the high quality of its knitwear pieces come from the strong handmade component in all the phases of production. Every article turns into an exclusive and recognizable piece.



Italian knitwear factory founded in 1969 in Treviso by Giovanni Bessegato. This brand is well known because of the quality and preciousness of the yarn, a result of the choice of only the best raw materials.



Harmont & Blaine provides elegant informal clothing for men, and represents one of the most enthusiastic and dynamic reality in the world of fashion. It is a flood of originality, coherence and innovation from its beginning in 1971.



Montecore observes, captures and reinvents, transforms, re-designs and, finally, produces the jacket according to the traditional italian manufacturing process. Technique and technology to create sporty garments for a man`s free time.



Parma 1916. Master perfumers gave life to a new fragrance unusually fresh, contemporary and modern. The purity of the fragrance is due to exclusively natural ingredients, and to a composition that, to this date, has not suffered any variations.


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